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Q: Constructor of DataTable is throwing Object reference not set to an instance of an object I have a method which makes a call to DataTable object. The problem is, the DataTable object is returned as null. I use both, immediate and deferred binding. I have verified that all properties are initialized, then why it is returning null. What am I missing? public DataTable ExecuteQuery(String sql, params object[] parameters) { DataTable dt; String connectionString = null; // Initialize the string connection. try { connectionString = this.GetConnectionString(); if (connectionString!= null) connectionString += this.Configuration.DatabaseProviderName + ";" + this.Configuration.DatabaseDriverName; else connectionString += "Provider=MSDASQL;" + this.Configuration.DatabaseDriverName; dt = new DataTable(this.Configuration.DatabaseObjectName, connectionString, this.Configuration.DatabaseProviderName); return dt; } catch (Exception ex) throw ex; } A: Try defining the connectionString variable as new connectionString. As you have it now it's null. You should also throw an exception instead




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